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10:06 PM

You know when you lost
something, and you keep on looking for it… but you can’t in now way find it….and all of a sudden when you do…you found out SOMEBODY close to you knows something too.

Don’t understand what I’m talking about? I know,
I’m complicated….if you think this gives you a headache….have a chat with Le Boyfriend!


Back in January I went to the Modefabriek and got to meet allot of people and got the chance to get to know allot of new brands and labels.

One of the labels that stuck by me was Lady Africa.

Lady Africa is an upcoming label who will be importing leading luxurious African designer labels for retailers in the BeNeLux!

Their products will include:
• Ready to wear – labels
• Accessories
• Lifestyle products

Now I hope we can FINALLY have some “Boxing Kitten” type of stuff around here!

The Mother Land has so many types of colors and FABULOUS stuff and now, all of this will be available in a few.

I’m so glad *runs around like a mad woman and starts dancing*

I had a chance to talk to the sales and marketing’s rep. of the company, the lovely I.A. Hin. (my hair caught the attention!) she told me about her plans with the company.

The thing that caught MY attention was the fact that she was wearing “All Black Err’thang” with a chain made out of African Wax. The chain was made by an Ghanaian fashion designer!

I can’t tell ya’ll too much…BUT I will keep ya’ll updated when I know more!

For more information/pics/trends make sure to
check out the Lady Africa Facebook-page & press "LIKE"

Quote of the night: I can't wait to see what they will have!!!

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