Black Friday!

8:55 PM

On other news...Miss Kim aka Queen Bee has released her brand new mix-tape, titled

( I guess Kim wants to turn "Pink Friday" in to Friday the 13th!
She's really gonna have her have it on this one!)

Yeah yeah, I know, I'm not really into female rapper's beef, but I gotta give credit where credit is due....Without Kim (& Tokyo Diva), they wouldn't be no Nicki.

I'm not hating, I'm just sharing my opinion. I think Nicki is okay, but I rep.

I'm not gonna take sides, Nicki is entertaining, but Kim is the one with the lyrics!

This is something only people who grew up with Kim can agree on.
And if you don't well that's fine!

I just wished female rappers would stop beefing!

Quote of the night: "Used to talk about how I wore my clothes.
Now every chick look like Lil Kim in they videos"- Lil Kim "Shut up Chick"

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