The shirt that fits the woman

12:31 AM

I have a thing for t-shirts… I REALLY LOVE t-shirts that have something
funny/ inspiring on them..

I’m the proud owner of a couple dope shirts…if I may say so myself!

When I heard that celebrity blogger Necole Bitchie came out with a line of t-shirts/tank tops and etc…I knew I had to get me one of those! (I’m still in the process of ordering one..I just don’t know which one I want…decisions decisions…a girl gotta make them err’day!)

But for now…here are is few of what I own

Had this one way before Nicki Minaj came out with her "Barbie" image!
...and "Ken" has been found by the way;)!

Won't be wearing this one for a while... I'm Still FABULOUS!

Now I've been looking allover the net for this one...can you say "KICK ASS"?

My girls have told me over the past few months that I should create my own line of t-shirts with quotes of mine. (Yes there are a few sentences that are typically Kiwi! And people close to me know what I’m talking about!

Maybe I should get a line out there…I’m gonna call it "Sannies by Kiwi!" LMAO!

I bought this one recently...!!!!

So now ya'll know what makes me happy!!! (besides Mickey D's, KFC, Le Boyfriend, a Cosmo, ELLE magazine, VOGUE magazine, French fries, Fashion, Blogging, Dancing, Shopping and etc!)

Quote of the night: Yeah,I'm superficial, WHATEVER! * sarcasm voice*

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