The fact that I can't sleep...

11:30 PM

This weekend started off a lil’ bad, but It sure turned out to be the bom.com!
The only thing that seriously got me mad, was the wind!

Seriously I thought I was gonna lose a few weave-tracks!

The way the wind has been blowing these past few days..DAYUMN!… you was gonna think Katrina decided to show up in The Netherlands!

Thank God I got the best hairdresser who knows how to tie stuff up!

Anyways, the weekend is over and so is my internship. I had a great time, but now it’s time to hit college again and make the hallways part of my catwalk!

I’m glad all the exams of last week are over and I can now concentrate on what’s REALLY important in my LIFE! (well besides the fact that I like to act a fool once in a while…oh did I mention I LOVE food? I should really do a post on my favourite foods…and since I have a live-in chef aka momma, my life is full of the best food in the world…) I’m totally going off track here.

I was talking about…


I got mad a few times, cause I wanted to blog, but didn’t have the time…

But now everything is back to normal!

This week is going to be a good one. I can FEEEELLLLL IT!!

Beside having all of these feelings, I totally forgot that my trip

to Paris with some of my girls has OFFICIALLY been booked!

Kiwi is going to take over Paris! I just can’t WAIT!

• Breakfast with croissants and fresh orange juice.
• Taking pictures at the Eifel Tower
• Looking FABULOUSE at the Champs Elise
• Shopping at Louis Vuitton (I heard buying in Paris is cheaper…guess I’ll have to find out!)
• Going to Chanel
• Spotting some vintage YSL
• Mesmerizing Christian Lonboutin’s collections

YES!!!! (Oh.My.Gucci. Gaga….this almost feels like having a …!)

Ok I’m getting a lil’ too excited.. I need to get to bed.

Now I just have to figure out, how the hell I’m gonna pack al of my shoes!

Quote of the night: Paris je t’aime!

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