Palladium celebrates "Pop Up"store in The Hague!

5:32 PM

Well the “week off” has come to an end… (DAYUMN!)

I had fun this week. Meeting up with designers…modelling agencies, phone calls, e-mails…and etc. (I got a lil’ project going on..:))

My laptop has been doing some over-time…(and so has my brain!)

Anyways…I was invited by the lovelies over at Press Only for a Palladium event! And let me tell ya’ll... my girls Augustina, Frizz & I had a blast!

Palladium celebrated in collaboration with Funky House, the opening of a “Pop Up” store…right here in the center of The Hague at the new store called Hoop.

Hoop is a creative department store in the center of The Hague. A platform for promising young designers, artists, photographers, labels and other 'hopeful' projects.

Practically anything from “back in them days” can be found there!...don’t believe me? Check out their Facebook page !

I hope ya’ll still remember the brand Palladium! And if you don’t …well that means you were born AFTER the 90’s. I remember when I was a little diva, I used to have Palladiums…beige and black ones… (I wonder where they are now…)

Palladiums were the type of shoes that you could rock with anything…and then they suddenly disappeared!

BUT…lucky for us (and thanks to Press Only and not to forget…Johnnny Knoxville )
these unisex shoes are BACK!

They have a new campaign… it’s not about being cute anymore…nope…now it’s all about being URBAN, EDGY & JUST BEING YOU!

It’s funny how people walk up to me sometimes (and first make comments about my hair) and have them totally flabbergasted because I’m wearing Palladium boots! Lol!

They can be worn with ANYTHING…leggings(ya’ll know I’m addicted!) skirts, jeans and to make your look more “catchy”, dresses! YES!!!!!

The party was banana’s!

These people are called… "Party People"!

For more on the shoes check out the website!

Quote of the day: If you weren't there…YOU SUCK! :p!

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